Monday, February 8, 2010

1st Task--->Unleash the Beautiful Weirdo

Ok, so I started January with the task of introducing the world to the Beautiful Weirdo, me.  I know, I know, what on earth is a Beautiful Weirdo?!! Well its simple:) It's a person who continues to be who they are despite not fitting in with the norm. They're comfortable being unique and comfortable being an outcast (not doing what's in, according to mainstream). In a nutshell, thats me. It took me a while to be comfortable here, but I've finally got a hang of it.

You see, I'm an artist who takes pride in addressing spiritual matters, relationships, love, and life with no hesitation. So those who attend my shows hear God in the club. They hear me touching on subjects that people dont want to talk about in music.

Like one of my songs, Soul Connection, talks about being in a relationship but realizing the reason that the relationship wasn't working was because of not being on the same page spiritually. Its life and its real, but thats a side of a relationship thats not explored in R&B and soul music. Its almost like a separation of church and state. I get flack from gospel artists/church (why you in the clubs?) and I get flack from r&b/soul folks (did she just say God, in the club)?! Yup, I did and I do...ha ha:). I used to feel weird and like I didn't fit in, but then I realized I don't have to fit anyone's mold.   Rather i fit or not, I'm going to do me:)

So thats my purpose as an artist, to be the Beautiful Weirdo, that I am, no matter the popular trends in music. I will continue to fulfill my purpose and mission on this earth: to encourage people to grow, to heal, to love, and to learn thru music.

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