Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We interrupt this blog---to give you SOng-A-Grams by Green Tea

Yes, I must interrupt my blog on dissecting my current mix-tape, Beautiful Weirdo, to talk about a recent event that was just wonderful, Valentine's Day. Yes, I know some of you are salty about Valentines, but please indugle in my happiness just for a sec:) okay, not a sec, but a couple of minutes:).

Valentines Day 2010 was marked with a lot of singing and a lot of glee:) Not just because it was Valentines Day (though I must confess, I'm a hopeful romantic), but more so because I got to do what I love--->share in the joy and the happiness of others. You see, in addition to recording albums, etc, I'm also a traveling Hallmark Card:)... Yes, a traveling Hallmark Card! On special holidays, I sing song-a-grams:) to people's loved ones and I AB-SO-LUTE-LY love it! Its something about hearing smiles over the phone or seeing them in person that just touches my inner core:) Also, I love hearing people communicate their feelings via songs. There were so many good songs that people selected for there loved ones: Brandy's Best Friend, Sarah Vaughn's Misty, Stevie Wonder's I Just called to say I love you, Diana Ross's Missing you, etc. It was pure fun:)

Pardon me, but I just had to just share how much fun I had on V-Day. After all the song-a-grams were done (gotta work, then I can play), I got a chance to have a date with first Valentines Day in 6 years:) I mean 7 wow! I must say, it was pure bliss minus the hour or so wait, but then again, who's counting time when your with the one you love:).

Check out one of the live Song-A-Grams, I did on V-Day:)

Don't worry, I'll be back to my regular scheduled broadcast lol!

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Philip Clark said...

That's how it's done. What a great way to make some dough on the side. Smart!