Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm Back:)--->Is A Music Career A Real Job?

Okay, so I'm snowed in and I just finished watching the Julie & Julia movie...a movie about the famous cook book writer, Julia Childs, and a blogger who took the journey through Julia Child's cooking world and I just realized that I've neglected blogging about my own experience. I neglected all the fun and not so fun experiences about my journey  and quest as an independent artist through the music world. There have been so many things happening and time has been moving so fast...I sincerely apologize. So I'm back and I promise I'll do better...after all a promise is a promise:)

So what's life like as a full time artist?!!  Hmmm... its definitely has its perks, but it also has its challenges.  I'll be tellin you about the good and the bad along the way. First things first, I poppa freaks all the just kidding (Biggie Rap)...seriously though, first things first, one of the challenges I've endured thus far is adjusting to others perception of what actually qualifies as a job. You'd be amazed how many people have actually made comments like, "she don't have a real job." Oh, I can't forget my favorite, " hey can you do this, cuz its not like you have a real job." Yeah, it caught me off guard and I will say that it hurt too.

People have in their mind that if you're not working for a company or someone that you don't have a "real job." It seems that people just don't understand what it takes to work for yourself as a full-time artist pursuing music full time. If I listed all the things I do in being a full time artist...hmmm....just to name a few--- I still wake @ 6 am:), searching for gigs, doing publicity (searching for interviews, etc.), following-up on all emails/inquiries, graphic design/etc for emails, shipping cds to people/countries, scheduling photo shoots, negotiating contracts/gigs/etc, writing, arranging, recording music, band rehearsals, vocal rehearsals, selling cds, part-time job (pay for the bills)etc...ok thats enough for now...its alot especially when you're only one person.

So pardon me, but I find it offensive when people belittle my pursuit to pursue what I love when majority of people are comfortable going to work everyday for something they don't love. I definitely take it personally not just because I'm an artist, but because I have musicians and artists that I work with who's grind is so hard. I respect them and I appreciate them so much and I know how hard they work.

So the next time, you ask someone what they do for a living and they reply saying they are a drummer, a vocalist, etc...even if you don't understand it, respect their grind and the heart it takes to pursue your passion in hopes of eating off of it.


Life, Love and Lyrics said...

Congratulations on your new gig as a full time entertainer! I'm proud of you, honestly. Don't be suprised if you see me follow your footsteps!

Brandon Best

Robin DeLozier said...

Hey my sista, Big ups to you. I think you have a beautiful voice. And I believe you will make. Just the way you planned. See my first Goal this year 2010 is to do the same. To transition from a job to a career, to my passion, to my dream of being a Musical Artist like yourself. I have those same clueless people saying the same thing to me. That music isn't a real job. But we know what's real, and I applaud you for that. Keep doing what your doing. And I will see you on the other side. Much Love:)

Kane Mayfield said...

YESSSSSSSSSSS that is some aspiring artist gospel your cooking up over there.

Or better yet they just flat out assume
"so what do you do for real".
"This is what i do full time"
"You cant possibly pay the bills with that"

however these are the people who want residuals on the back end of success.

Thank you Green Tea

and might i add that you and your backup singer are smoking hot.

Kane M.