Monday, December 28, 2009

3 days till 2010

It's kinda hard for me to believe that Thursday, December 31, 2009 will be my last day at my full time job. With the start of the new year,  January 1, 2010, I'm embarking upon a new page of my life where I will be my own boss. My own I sigh with excitement and anxiety all in the same breath.

I feel like I'm leaving my parents, a job of 5+ years that provided a sense of security to strike out on my own. I remember going thru this process before when I left my grandma's home in S.E DC to become a homeowner in Waldorf, MD. I was scared, but I did it and now I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. If I wouldn't have done it I would've never known that I could do it. Not only that, who would've thought that by moving to Waldorf that I would meet superman (affectionate name for my man) who lives practically down the street from me. How ironic. I would've never know that it was even possible unless I first took that step.

 Even though that first step was scary...I took it. I will even admit now, that I'm scared  at taking this step to pursue music full-time...but yet I'm still taking it. I believe that God is waiting for people to just take a step and He will stand and deliver and show how great and mighty He is...A testament to all! So I'm taking the step..acting on what I believe....knowing that God is with me thru it all.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Countdown!!....till full pursuit of my Dreams!

I can't believe that tomorrow marks the first day of December and also the countdown of me leaving my full time job of almost 6 years.  I decided in October that I would not start another year at this job and I tell you, since I made that decsion...I won't deny, its been a little trying. I've been having dreams about jobs, getting fired, etc. just crazy stuff (just my anxiety about launching into the unknown).  At times I wanted to change my mind. I'm like I can just keep working this job in addition to the 3 other jobs and just stack chips. But everytime I'm reminded every week that  my time is done at this job. I'm like wow. I realize that my peace of mind and happiness is far more important to me than money. Me persuing my dream and purpose is far more important than just gaining checks...soundz crazy?!!

I also realized that I was leaving out the supernatural in the process. I'm so busy thinking how am I going to cover this and that. Trying to work and do everything...I forgot that I did the most important step....I stepped out. I made the decision and I'm following through and in the past all i needed to do was to act and believe.

I remember when I was believing God for my house. I had just graduated from my master's program and contrary to popular belief...I wasn't makin big money lol. I still paid my tithes and offering though consistently and so I made a demand on on my seed and reminded God of his word. I bought a house, no money down. I also pulled every experience that I had in which God made a way out of no way to use as stepping stones to stretch my faith. I remembered going to college and crying not knowing how I was going to finish because I didn't have the money....but here I have  two degrees, a bs and a master's degree. I remembered how I believed God for my first car...and I was comfortable with just a put put..but my first car was a mercedes benz (no payments)...thats the exceedingly and abundantly. I mean I took these instances...and like in the story of David and Goliath...I used the experiences as stones to throw at the giant (any circumstance, situation, etc. standing in your way).

So I must do the same here...use my past experiences as stepping tools. It's game time. Truth be told I've already won. I believe and I've already taken the first step:) Have you taken the first step to pursue your dreams?  God is waiting on you to just make a move. Start today:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Teamwork to make the Dream Work...

I'm not sure how I'm feeling right now. So much is going on in life and I can't seem to hold on to the time long enough or get enough accomplished in the day before the next day is here...and often times I feel frustrated and alone in this...except for a few dedicated people who support me...but they are few and far in between.  I was talkin to another fellow artist wondering why does it seem to be so hard for independent artists in this area (I'm from DC).

Sigh, I've come to the conclusion that alot of people are "me" minded and all they can focus on is themselves. In contrast, my belief system lends me to help and sow my time an energy where I can. I just think that what you give you have to get back...universal law. I think that if independent artists share their knowledge and pool together their resources then it wouldn't be so difficult and we wouldn't have to spin our wheels....but we don't.  We keep the information locked and tucked away unless you have the access card or  have been approved by the "in crowd."  It's like I can hear the monopoly  man, Do not pass not collect $200.

There's this great fear amongst artists in this area that I'm not gonna tell them about this...because they may outshine me... which is ridiculous. When you're secure in what you do you know that you can only be the best at doing what you do. A wise woman once told me when I would tell her..I wanna do the stuff that Ledisi does with her voice...I wanna get low like India Arie...she told me you can only sing like Tekeah sings. I have my own voice and I'm best at singin like me:). I will say there are a select few who will give of their resources and their hearts and I really appreciate you all and will forever be at service to you.  So I'm suggesting a union of independent artists who have genuine love for one another come together to take over the game....instead of being raped by it (yeah the industry is that rough).  Also, if you'd like to join my team and become a member of my tribe as I pursue my love of music, please do so (email: include in subj heading: Green Tea Tribe).

 I firmly believe that it takes teamwork to make the dream work and what you make happen for others, someone else will make it happen for you. Its a universal law.
So if you have special gifts and talents...I don't care if you've perfected a winning smile. I need you and I realize that I can't do it all by myself. I need a winning team. We ALL need winning teams:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is Beautiful Weirdo...

I think it was earlier this year when my older sister, Aiysha, called me a beautiful weirdo and when she called me that it struck a chord. Since I can remember, I've felt out of I never really fit in. When I was younger I was told I was too grown (I always had  a smart mouth), then I got saved (acccepted Jesus Christ as Lord) in the 7th I stopped cursing and was trying to live right lol...whatever that meant...and then when I went to high was the same thing. Trying to explain to people why i didn't kiss or party (can you believe I'm from Southeast DC and I've never gone to a go-go), etc. When I went to college, I was called Mary Mother of God...because I went to 3 mixers (freshman parties) and didn't go to any more. It just didn't feel right to me. I stayed in my room and wrote songs...imagining myself singing in front of audiences. In church, I felt like I didn't fit in because I was a little too weird  and then I didn't fit in within society because I was a little too square. I went thru so many phases of where I tried to fit in each world....the church and within society...each causing me pain and sadness. I used to have thoughts like who wants this girl?...especially after being rejected as an outkast because I didn't do certain things.  It wasn't until I was really honest with God about how I felt and who I thought that I was...that things changed. I stopped trying to apply other's universal principles to me and sought God for myself to find out what worked for me. Contrary to popular belief, what works for some may not work for others.  It was definitely a learning process...but through it all I learned to appreciate my uniqueness and really love me. Love what God created me to be...which is to be Tekeah C. Scott....who sings on the praise and worship team and also sings in clubs. Most important, I learned that God absolutely loves me and He created me...woo woo moment right there. So Beautiful weirdo is simply this: those who dare to be beautiful in being the people they are (even when they're looked at as being different/weird). I'm a beautiful weirdo and I love it:)

Now, I know without a shadow of doubt the answer to: Who wants this girl?

God wants this girl, this beautiful weirdo:) He uses the very essence of our beings to help others...He's just dope like that:)

Be sure to stay tuned for the debut of my 1st installment of mixtapes called:
Beautiful Weirdo:The OutKast

Monday, November 16, 2009 this economy what!!!!

Right now I work 3 jobs: my full time gig (foster care agency), my part- time job (child therapist), and my music gig (Green Tea). My goal has been to have my music be my full time career. So this year I decided that this year would be it and I've prepared all along the way. I've paid off my credit cards and other bills.  I put in my notice to my job that I'd be resiging and be up and out by the end of the year.

 Immediately when I did it, I felt a relief like a weight had been lifted. I feel like now is my time and that I'll never know how far I can go until I really give it my full attention. I've tried to do it all, but I realize  that with doing everything at once my energy is drained and I don't have time to focus on my craft. You wouldn't believe that as soon as I made up my mind, I had folks say WHATTTT!! in this economy ...yes in this economy. I had others offer me jobs during this and that...even one for 70, 000k. I won't lie, I was even tempted to take that job. Then I remembered my purpose.

I wasn't resigning because of the money. I was resigning because I want to be paid for what I truly enjoy....thats singing. I can't even express what the opportunity to give of my gift means and I didnt' want to waste another minute working for someone elses vision instead of my own. I want to know that I tried and I gave it my all. I don't want to be 30 or 40 and say well I wish I would've...or I could've. I feel as though I'm young and I can always find a job...but right now my focus is on my dream and putting my energy towards it to make it happen. Faith without works is I'mma about to work it.
       I refuse to continue to work for someone else while my dream is steadily dying on the inside.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Music Tuesdays...Beautiful Weirdo: The OutKast

Today was absolutely a fantabulous day:)!! Tuesday is the one day a week that I have off from my job to focus all of my creative energy on music.  Just because I'm off from one job doesn't mean that it's a lax day. Not at all. I left the house at 7:30 am just to fight the traffic to get to b-more at 9:30 am. From  9:30 am to 3:30 pm we got it in non-stop ( bathroom break..i ate fruit in between recording ..i come with snacks in tow).We recorded 3 songs for my mixtape, Beautiful Weirdo: The Outkast. It was a very productive session. With this mixtape, I'm venturing out in different directions and exploring different sides of me as well as experimenting with my favorite instrument, my voice. My voice coach would be proud lol.

So what's a recording session like for me: It means having a thermos of tea with me lol  or some type of liquid (some people are a fan of Gatorade). It means being comfortable with my recording environment. I laugh alot and will test the limits of my voice and don't mind failing in my efforts. So in essence, I'm a clown as I'm getting it done. So glad they don't record my foolery...or do they? Its' also important to be comfortable so you can get loose (term for opening up vocally) so you can do the best takes.  Thats just a little bit...i'll tell you more as we move along:)..there are more songs to record for this mixtape, Beautiful Weirdo: The OutKast....any takers on the meaning of the title of the mixtape?

Monday, November 9, 2009

It Could've Been Worse...

Its nothing like having a car break down on the New Jersey Turn Pike. Nothing says,"This can't be happening," like a car that refuses to accelerate or move at all. Well, that was the start of my weekend. Friday night to be exact. As I was on my way to a wedding in New Jersey, my friend's car broke down. What in the world? Shout out to my friend (who ended up spending a handled it well bud). So many things went wrong on that day, but we went thru it all to see my friend confess her love to her soon to be husband and we did.  In the process of everything happening, I penned (wrote a song) about it. In essence, the premise of the song is that although everything goes wrong, there's a different way to look at it. Like there's a difference between having a car break down and you having the money to take care of it (to fix it, tow it, get a rental, and pay for it to be fixed) rather than having a car break down and you being illequipped to manage. So it could've been worse. Could've been in a situation where the car was stuck in New Jersey until you scrambled or saved the money to pay for the expenses. Think about how many cars are left on the road, only to be towed and never picked up again. So thats the context of the song...just looking at things differently and seeing that things could've been worse.

That trip took alot out of me and I didn't even do all of the driving. But I was able to regroup and I must say that the studio session on Sunday was the truth. I recorded the title track, Beautiful Weirdo,  of my soon to be released mixtape, Beautiful Weirdo: The OutKast. This mixtape is definitely gonna push the envelopes and I'm sooo ready. Stay tuned for more info. So glad I didn't allow the beginning of the weekend to ruin my session.

Remember situations will come and rain will fall on both those who are doing right and those who are doing wrong, but the important thing to remember is to keep the faith and hold on & know that it will get better. In fact, despite what you're going thru, it could've always been worse.
Do share some of your situations in which things went wrong, but in hindsight you realize that things could've been worse.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Foiled Performance...NO DICE!!!!

Yesterday, after working I jetted over for a gig; I was to perform in Adams Morgan. On the flyer, it said that the doors open @ 8 pm.. So I figured I'd get there earlier, 7:30 pm, in efforts to demonstrate professionalism, get a sound check, etc. since previous communication to get this information went unresponded. Got there 7:30 pm, no dice. No one there to direct me or anything. I'm thinkin ok, maybe this is CP (colored people) time and so I wait....No dice. Order food, eat, and have a couple of laughs. Time check 9:00 pm. No one has a clue about the order of performers and the band is not there. Not to mention, I'm tired from work and I live in no man's land, Waldorf, Md. So what do you do? Here I've sent out promotions about me being on the event, etc. and I have no clue as to what is happening. Then I get word that they haven't even heard from the band and they won't start anything until they hear from the band. *blank stare* I'm thinkin wow. So I left. No performance. I just packed up my bags and left. Learned a valuable lesson. No confirmation of logistics before a gig, I'm not coming. Period. Question: Where has professionalism gone? Is it a thing of the past? I take my craft seriously. It's a job. So I expect the same from others putting on events. Sigh. Let me know your thoughts or any crazy stories about gigs where professionalism just went out the window.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Introducing Green Tea...& The Process


I Wanted to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself and the purpose of this blog. So here it goes. I'm Green Tea:) I'm a singer-songwriter who has been aggressively pursing this dream to sing full time since December of 2004. I currently have two albums out Dosage I: Shades of Green and Dosage II: CHoices and I'm currently workin on my mixtape.I thought it would be best to start to document my thoughts as I undertake this process. And thats exactly what it is, a process. I think there's a misconception that pursing music is easy. You see lavish videos, hear t-payned voices (no disrespect to T-Payne)and two chord songs and seemingly everyone is trying to be a producer or singer....which makes it look easy and takes away from the actual craft of it all. So my quest is to give you my grind as I pursue the craft and work in earnest to become a master of it. During this course of these blogs, I want there to be an exchange that I'm taking nuggets from you and you from me. So the journey begins...