Sunday, March 28, 2010

Image is just as important as your talent/gift?

Since I started out pursuing music... I've gone through so many phases unsure of how I wanted to look, etc.  Starting with retro jeans and vintage sneaks...natural hair...that was my beginning. I didn't give much thought to my appearance or how I dressed. I just wanted to sing.

Well, a piece of that still exists... I still want to sing, but I give a bit more thought to my appearance and my particular style. My experience in the music industry has taught me that branding is essential to your gifts and talents. I will admit, I'm still getting a handle on it, but with great examples like Michael Jackson, the Supremes, Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Music Soulchild, and  Maxwell, etc, and a stylist (someone outside of yourself), and other branding consultants, I'm getting a bit better.

With certain artists, their music and clothing/style is associated with them. Close your eyes, think about Prince...what do you think? Think of Stevie Wonder, what do you think when you think of him.  Branding can create a lasting image and also helps people to  create a space for you in their brain. Helps them to use something to relate, etc.

I've decided that I will create a brand:0), but I still want the versatility to play with the different sides of me. I'm goofy, I'm beautiful, sexy, and I'm a My music is positive and homegrown, but at the same time edgy. I love to talk about life issues, but at the same time I'm beginning to love to talk about love and communicating with the opposite sex (so much more than sex/physical). So that's me.

So I think more about my clothes and image and how they can either add or subtract from talent and gifts as a singer. Rather I like or not, I understand that I am judged by my appearance. A wise man once told me  that you are addressed by the way you are dressed.....and so I keep that in mind.

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