Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glitter Ain't Always Gold!!

Today, I made a decision to resign from one of my part time jobs. It was paying me good money,  and I had signed on with the intent to save more money.  You see, I'm the type  of person who tries to think ahead and I thought I had a master plan. I didn't have any set hours, just to get the job done....minimum 20 hours a week. Did I mention the pay was good. So I planned that I would save the extra money from this job and really invest in my music. But what I realized that in taking this extra part time, was that it squeezed more time that I didn't have. Most importantly, I was becoming grumpy, angry, and tired that I was squeezing out the time to focus on my music.

MUSIC!!! Epiphany: I realized  that it ain't all about the money! Realizing my mental health and the decrease in my happiness, I resigned from the part time.  I had realized this pattern that I was about to get trapped in the game of money. Now, because of money, I was taking jobs that would, in essence, put me in the same position I was in time or energy for my dream and passion. When I became aware of this, I decided I have to leave. I definitely didn't want the money to start getting good and then get trapped in the game. LOL, I sound like a drug dealer or like I'm in a drug game...but sometimes things can get addictive like that.

I told one of my friends that I'm to the point where I will not sacrifice my happiness or my dreams. It is very important that I'm happy and I know that God wants me happy. I know some people may not understand, but oh well. Since when can you please everyone.

I'm learning and growing throughout this experience. I'm determined to reach my goals and I continue to  make the choice daily...even when I don't feel like it,  I choose to be HAPPY!

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