Thursday, November 5, 2009

Introducing Green Tea...& The Process


I Wanted to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself and the purpose of this blog. So here it goes. I'm Green Tea:) I'm a singer-songwriter who has been aggressively pursing this dream to sing full time since December of 2004. I currently have two albums out Dosage I: Shades of Green and Dosage II: CHoices and I'm currently workin on my mixtape.I thought it would be best to start to document my thoughts as I undertake this process. And thats exactly what it is, a process. I think there's a misconception that pursing music is easy. You see lavish videos, hear t-payned voices (no disrespect to T-Payne)and two chord songs and seemingly everyone is trying to be a producer or singer....which makes it look easy and takes away from the actual craft of it all. So my quest is to give you my grind as I pursue the craft and work in earnest to become a master of it. During this course of these blogs, I want there to be an exchange that I'm taking nuggets from you and you from me. So the journey begins...

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SoulUK said...

welcome to the blogosphere!!!

it's a great idea to keep a sort of online diary, i'll be sure to keep checking in.