Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is Beautiful Weirdo...

I think it was earlier this year when my older sister, Aiysha, called me a beautiful weirdo and when she called me that it struck a chord. Since I can remember, I've felt out of I never really fit in. When I was younger I was told I was too grown (I always had  a smart mouth), then I got saved (acccepted Jesus Christ as Lord) in the 7th I stopped cursing and was trying to live right lol...whatever that meant...and then when I went to high was the same thing. Trying to explain to people why i didn't kiss or party (can you believe I'm from Southeast DC and I've never gone to a go-go), etc. When I went to college, I was called Mary Mother of God...because I went to 3 mixers (freshman parties) and didn't go to any more. It just didn't feel right to me. I stayed in my room and wrote songs...imagining myself singing in front of audiences. In church, I felt like I didn't fit in because I was a little too weird  and then I didn't fit in within society because I was a little too square. I went thru so many phases of where I tried to fit in each world....the church and within society...each causing me pain and sadness. I used to have thoughts like who wants this girl?...especially after being rejected as an outkast because I didn't do certain things.  It wasn't until I was really honest with God about how I felt and who I thought that I was...that things changed. I stopped trying to apply other's universal principles to me and sought God for myself to find out what worked for me. Contrary to popular belief, what works for some may not work for others.  It was definitely a learning process...but through it all I learned to appreciate my uniqueness and really love me. Love what God created me to be...which is to be Tekeah C. Scott....who sings on the praise and worship team and also sings in clubs. Most important, I learned that God absolutely loves me and He created me...woo woo moment right there. So Beautiful weirdo is simply this: those who dare to be beautiful in being the people they are (even when they're looked at as being different/weird). I'm a beautiful weirdo and I love it:)

Now, I know without a shadow of doubt the answer to: Who wants this girl?

God wants this girl, this beautiful weirdo:) He uses the very essence of our beings to help others...He's just dope like that:)

Be sure to stay tuned for the debut of my 1st installment of mixtapes called:
Beautiful Weirdo:The OutKast


Made Whole said...

This is dope! I can most certaintly relate! :) I'm a beautiful weirdo too! :)

Mello the DJ said...

You'd be suprised how many people have embarked, or are embarking on a journey very similar to yours. I'm certain there are many young people (and old for that matter) who are reluctant to establish a relationship with God based on preconceived notiions and stereotypes of what being a Christian is.

It was so very liberating and refreshing to ultimately find out (through much discourse with God and study of His Word) that God was cool with me being me!!!

Thanks for sharing this!