Sunday, November 22, 2009

Teamwork to make the Dream Work...

I'm not sure how I'm feeling right now. So much is going on in life and I can't seem to hold on to the time long enough or get enough accomplished in the day before the next day is here...and often times I feel frustrated and alone in this...except for a few dedicated people who support me...but they are few and far in between.  I was talkin to another fellow artist wondering why does it seem to be so hard for independent artists in this area (I'm from DC).

Sigh, I've come to the conclusion that alot of people are "me" minded and all they can focus on is themselves. In contrast, my belief system lends me to help and sow my time an energy where I can. I just think that what you give you have to get back...universal law. I think that if independent artists share their knowledge and pool together their resources then it wouldn't be so difficult and we wouldn't have to spin our wheels....but we don't.  We keep the information locked and tucked away unless you have the access card or  have been approved by the "in crowd."  It's like I can hear the monopoly  man, Do not pass not collect $200.

There's this great fear amongst artists in this area that I'm not gonna tell them about this...because they may outshine me... which is ridiculous. When you're secure in what you do you know that you can only be the best at doing what you do. A wise woman once told me when I would tell her..I wanna do the stuff that Ledisi does with her voice...I wanna get low like India Arie...she told me you can only sing like Tekeah sings. I have my own voice and I'm best at singin like me:). I will say there are a select few who will give of their resources and their hearts and I really appreciate you all and will forever be at service to you.  So I'm suggesting a union of independent artists who have genuine love for one another come together to take over the game....instead of being raped by it (yeah the industry is that rough).  Also, if you'd like to join my team and become a member of my tribe as I pursue my love of music, please do so (email: include in subj heading: Green Tea Tribe).

 I firmly believe that it takes teamwork to make the dream work and what you make happen for others, someone else will make it happen for you. Its a universal law.
So if you have special gifts and talents...I don't care if you've perfected a winning smile. I need you and I realize that I can't do it all by myself. I need a winning team. We ALL need winning teams:)

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Made Whole said...

Myself and Cynthia Washington was just talking about this yesterday! Everyone needs a frontline team, because we can't make the vision come to past alone.

I had a vision for a non profit, and struggled for so long trying to make it happen. I did my speaking engagements, etc. But I always wanted to take things to another level. I began to believe God to bring the right people in my path...and within the past 6 months He has formed a team of ladies who are working to support what God has placed in me...and they have the SAME heart and SAME spirit of Faith! God knows your desires! Keep doing what you are doing and that is (Mat 6:33), the people will come!