Friday, November 6, 2009

Foiled Performance...NO DICE!!!!

Yesterday, after working I jetted over for a gig; I was to perform in Adams Morgan. On the flyer, it said that the doors open @ 8 pm.. So I figured I'd get there earlier, 7:30 pm, in efforts to demonstrate professionalism, get a sound check, etc. since previous communication to get this information went unresponded. Got there 7:30 pm, no dice. No one there to direct me or anything. I'm thinkin ok, maybe this is CP (colored people) time and so I wait....No dice. Order food, eat, and have a couple of laughs. Time check 9:00 pm. No one has a clue about the order of performers and the band is not there. Not to mention, I'm tired from work and I live in no man's land, Waldorf, Md. So what do you do? Here I've sent out promotions about me being on the event, etc. and I have no clue as to what is happening. Then I get word that they haven't even heard from the band and they won't start anything until they hear from the band. *blank stare* I'm thinkin wow. So I left. No performance. I just packed up my bags and left. Learned a valuable lesson. No confirmation of logistics before a gig, I'm not coming. Period. Question: Where has professionalism gone? Is it a thing of the past? I take my craft seriously. It's a job. So I expect the same from others putting on events. Sigh. Let me know your thoughts or any crazy stories about gigs where professionalism just went out the window.

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Seth said...

Way to make a setback into a learning experience.
There's something empowering about deciding that you deserve better than where you are and just leaving.