Monday, November 9, 2009

It Could've Been Worse...

Its nothing like having a car break down on the New Jersey Turn Pike. Nothing says,"This can't be happening," like a car that refuses to accelerate or move at all. Well, that was the start of my weekend. Friday night to be exact. As I was on my way to a wedding in New Jersey, my friend's car broke down. What in the world? Shout out to my friend (who ended up spending a handled it well bud). So many things went wrong on that day, but we went thru it all to see my friend confess her love to her soon to be husband and we did.  In the process of everything happening, I penned (wrote a song) about it. In essence, the premise of the song is that although everything goes wrong, there's a different way to look at it. Like there's a difference between having a car break down and you having the money to take care of it (to fix it, tow it, get a rental, and pay for it to be fixed) rather than having a car break down and you being illequipped to manage. So it could've been worse. Could've been in a situation where the car was stuck in New Jersey until you scrambled or saved the money to pay for the expenses. Think about how many cars are left on the road, only to be towed and never picked up again. So thats the context of the song...just looking at things differently and seeing that things could've been worse.

That trip took alot out of me and I didn't even do all of the driving. But I was able to regroup and I must say that the studio session on Sunday was the truth. I recorded the title track, Beautiful Weirdo,  of my soon to be released mixtape, Beautiful Weirdo: The OutKast. This mixtape is definitely gonna push the envelopes and I'm sooo ready. Stay tuned for more info. So glad I didn't allow the beginning of the weekend to ruin my session.

Remember situations will come and rain will fall on both those who are doing right and those who are doing wrong, but the important thing to remember is to keep the faith and hold on & know that it will get better. In fact, despite what you're going thru, it could've always been worse.
Do share some of your situations in which things went wrong, but in hindsight you realize that things could've been worse.

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