Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Music Tuesdays...Beautiful Weirdo: The OutKast

Today was absolutely a fantabulous day:)!! Tuesday is the one day a week that I have off from my job to focus all of my creative energy on music.  Just because I'm off from one job doesn't mean that it's a lax day. Not at all. I left the house at 7:30 am just to fight the traffic to get to b-more at 9:30 am. From  9:30 am to 3:30 pm we got it in non-stop (ok...one bathroom break..i ate fruit in between recording ..i come with snacks in tow).We recorded 3 songs for my mixtape, Beautiful Weirdo: The Outkast. It was a very productive session. With this mixtape, I'm venturing out in different directions and exploring different sides of me as well as experimenting with my favorite instrument, my voice. My voice coach would be proud lol.

So what's a recording session like for me: It means having a thermos of tea with me lol  or some type of liquid (some people are a fan of Gatorade). It means being comfortable with my recording environment. I laugh alot and will test the limits of my voice and don't mind failing in my efforts. So in essence, I'm a clown as I'm getting it done. So glad they don't record my foolery...or do they? Its' also important to be comfortable so you can get loose (term for opening up vocally) so you can do the best takes.  Thats just a little bit...i'll tell you more as we move along:)..there are more songs to record for this mixtape, Beautiful Weirdo: The OutKast....any takers on the meaning of the title of the mixtape?