Monday, November 30, 2009

Countdown!!....till full pursuit of my Dreams!

I can't believe that tomorrow marks the first day of December and also the countdown of me leaving my full time job of almost 6 years.  I decided in October that I would not start another year at this job and I tell you, since I made that decsion...I won't deny, its been a little trying. I've been having dreams about jobs, getting fired, etc. just crazy stuff (just my anxiety about launching into the unknown).  At times I wanted to change my mind. I'm like I can just keep working this job in addition to the 3 other jobs and just stack chips. But everytime I'm reminded every week that  my time is done at this job. I'm like wow. I realize that my peace of mind and happiness is far more important to me than money. Me persuing my dream and purpose is far more important than just gaining checks...soundz crazy?!!

I also realized that I was leaving out the supernatural in the process. I'm so busy thinking how am I going to cover this and that. Trying to work and do everything...I forgot that I did the most important step....I stepped out. I made the decision and I'm following through and in the past all i needed to do was to act and believe.

I remember when I was believing God for my house. I had just graduated from my master's program and contrary to popular belief...I wasn't makin big money lol. I still paid my tithes and offering though consistently and so I made a demand on on my seed and reminded God of his word. I bought a house, no money down. I also pulled every experience that I had in which God made a way out of no way to use as stepping stones to stretch my faith. I remembered going to college and crying not knowing how I was going to finish because I didn't have the money....but here I have  two degrees, a bs and a master's degree. I remembered how I believed God for my first car...and I was comfortable with just a put put..but my first car was a mercedes benz (no payments)...thats the exceedingly and abundantly. I mean I took these instances...and like in the story of David and Goliath...I used the experiences as stones to throw at the giant (any circumstance, situation, etc. standing in your way).

So I must do the same here...use my past experiences as stepping tools. It's game time. Truth be told I've already won. I believe and I've already taken the first step:) Have you taken the first step to pursue your dreams?  God is waiting on you to just make a move. Start today:)


Tron Mason said...

Wow! I'm inspired!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful,loving it!

Jamie Opens Doors - Jamie Wilson's Real Estate Blog said...

so proud of you, so happy for you. So happy that you are happy! Love you lots!

Jamie Opens Doors - Jamie Wilson's Real Estate Blog said...

so proud of you. So happy for you. So happy that you are happy! Love you lots!

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